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Pure driving pleasure can only be attained when your vehicle is performing seamlessly and at its absolute best without a glitch. Any problem with your car can wreck your plans and take the fun out of driving. Replacement parts are available in the market and with the dealership. However, it is not easy to find genuine replacement parts at affordable prices.  Car Spare Parts In Philippines

SupplynFix Philippines is your helping hand that provides instant relief regarding your search for replacement spare parts. We are the one-stop solution you require to acquire the desired spare parts. We help you search the spare parts and purchase them at bargain prices and we provide help for those parts to be delivered to your doorstep as quickly as possible. We aim to provide you with genuine OEM parts at incredibly low prices. You can complete the entire process of searching, purchasing, and receiving the parts while staying in the safety of your home.

Sounds too good to be true? Allow us to explain. We manage one of the most extensive networks of new, used, and reconditioned spare parts dealers situated all over the Philippines. Those spare parts dealers are brought into the network after thorough and careful consideration. Once they join our network, they have to score extremely high in customer satisfaction to continue doing business with us. We help you find the parts through those dealers and get them delivered to your doorstep.

Growing Automotive Industry in the Philippine

The Philippines has a prospering automotive industry that is regarded as the 9th largest in the Asia Pacific region. Over 300K vehicles are sold every year in the Philippines and there is over 5 million registered vehicles operating on the Philippines streets. The automotive industry in the Philippines consists of assembling, and manufacturing automobiles, spare parts manufacturing, and automotive imports and plays a vital role in the Philippine economy.

There are over 256 companies that form the Philippine automotive supply base responsible for producing over 330 different types of parts and components for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and aftermarket. The parts and components industry employs around 80000 workers and adds billions to the economy while earning valuable foreign reserves.  Car Parts For Sale In Philippines

With a rapidly growing automotive industry and a growing number of vehicles on the streets, the spare parts industry will likely grow manifolds. This may prove to be great news for the drivers operating vehicles in the Philippines as they can have a wider choice when requiring replacement spare parts. However, they must know every available option before they buy the spare parts for replacement.

Options Available When Buying Spare Parts

Although the spare parts industry has gained its footing recently in the Philippines, it is still insufficient to cater to the growing demand of the country. If you ever require to replace the spare parts, you are most likely to go to the dealership that provides genuine OEM spare parts. However, those dealerships are notorious for being super expensive. Buying the expensive parts from there could severely damage your budget.

The Philippines hosts several spare parts manufacturers who manufacture aftermarket spare parts that are of relatively lower quality and cheaper to make. Those parts are usually of universal fitting and are not beneficial for any specific model. Often it is observed that installing aftermarket parts is more harmful than beneficial in the longer run. Imperfect fitting and low-standard manufacturing can have an impact on the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

There is however a much better solution. If you choose to buy used or reconditioned parts you can not only get to fit genuine OEM spare parts but can save a considerable amount of money as well. Any vehicle that goes off the road due to an accident or any other mechanical problem is taken to a breaker yard. The usual practice is that those vehicles are broken and all the parts that work perfectly are put on sale. Those parts are not only genuine OEM parts but also are much cheaper than brand-new ones.

How to Buy Used and Reconditioned Spare Parts?  Auto Spare Parts In Philippines

Buying used and reconditioned spare parts is an art that is mastered by only a few. You have to have in-depth knowledge about the basic working of the part that you require. The obvious way to buy used and reconditioned parts is to visit either the breaker yards or the local parts market. However, it’s not easy as not every breaker yard stocks the part that you require, and neither it is possible for you to visit every shop or breaker yard in the vicinity.

In our opinion, the safest and best way is to buy spare parts from a reputable and trustworthy online source. Always check that the source is dependable, provides a warranty, and has an active returns policy displayed on their page.

You can Depend on SupplynFix Philippines

With years of experience under our belts, we can help you find supreme quality genuine spare parts at the cheapest online rates. We oversee one of the largest networks of spare parts sellers who are trusted and verified and are always ready to help.

Ordering the parts that you require is easy enough. All you need to do is provide your vehicle registration number. Our advanced recognition software determines the make and model and lets our part dealers know about the demand. Within no time you start receiving no-obligation quotes from the dealers who have the required spare parts in stock. you can choose the seller according to your budget and specifications.

Reputation, fairness, and knowledge are the three main elements for any site that conducts direct transactions with its clients. We recognized the necessity of providing an online site that allows anyone to buy parts for the vehicle and utilize our resources to help them achieve their goals. Our experience has given us the opportunity to improve the purchasing process online, and our popularity has grown in a significant way because of our transparency. Our strict checks on sellers ensure that we keep our customers and ensure that they return to purchase more.

We Care About Customer Satisfaction  Used Spare Parts In Philippines

We have a business plan built on the sole objective of ensuring complete satisfaction for our customers. We achieve this by providing a lifetime guarantee on all components purchased on our website depending on the condition of the part. This gives buyers peace of mind and guarantees that they'll be able to return and purchase additional stock.

Save Up To 60 percent

Buying brand-new replacement parts from a retailer is costly. It is almost guaranteed that you will save as much as 50% by purchasing used or reconditioned parts from us rather than spending money on brand-new parts. We offer additional discounts on our seasonal and festive sales. You will save another 10 percent by keeping your eyes and ears open.

We realize that not all people have enough spare time to collect the parts. We can organize fast and safe delivery to your preferred location on minimal charges.

We could go on and on about the amazing and effective services we offer, However, the only way you can experience the difference we make is to experience our services for yourself. We're looking forward to getting your custom.

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